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The Power of Activism

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION. Does commitment to environmental protection have an economic benefit? If so, how can it be calculated?

In THE POWER OF ACTIVISM, the value of environmental activism is examined from an economic perspective. Three Australian women—Madison Stewart, Alice Forrest, and Jordyn de Boer—aim to promote marine and environmental conservation through a wide variety of projects. Whether it's shark preservation in Indonesia, sustainable tourism in Antarctica, or recyclable cloth bags instead of plastic, Madison, Alice, and Jordyn are challenging the practices that are contributing to climate change. To give their work a numerical dimension, the three activists embark on an exciting journey to translate the financial value of their efforts on the environment with one of Australia’s top actuarial economists—and the results are astonishing.  

Fotos der drei Protagonistinnen

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OCEAN TALK with Michelle Dado-Millynn and Alice Forrest

In our OCEAN TALK, Michelle Dado-Millynn and Alice Forrest tell us more about their idea of a sustainable lifestyle - and how each and every one of us can make a difference for the environment.

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