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PORTRAIT. Shobe Mehraz is part of the only surf club on the Bangladeshi coast where girls are allowed to surf. Surfing is more than just a sport for the 13-year-old from the slums; it is her ticket to a better world. While her family expects her to marry as soon as possible and would prefer to send her to work in Oman, her surfing instructor, Rashed Alam, shows her an alternative way to escape the poverty she was born into. Despite the many obstacles ahead of her, Shobe is determined to take advantage of this opportunity. Riding the waves allows her to forget her fears and sorrows and be a carefree teenager for a little while. Her love of surfing gives her the strength to pursue her dream.

Shobe wants to start her girls-only surf club together with her surf friend Aisha. You can support her in this endeavor via the JAAGO Foundation crowdfunding campaign. You'll find more information on Shobe and her project on this site

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