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The Accord

Le vent du Nord et toi, ça ne fait pas deux : du surf en Islande.
If you want to surf in Iceland, you need to know what you’re up against: The forces of nature reign fiercely on this northern island. The grimmest is the North Atlantic wind. In the mind of surfer Heiðar Logi Elíasson this wind is a red-bearded drunkard, unpredictable and capricious. The rough beauty of Iceland and its inhabitants’ black humour set the stage for THE ACCORD, the tale of a surfer making friends with a force of nature. This award-winning surf film serves up the swell ice-cold, proving what a paradise Iceland can be when wind and surfer become brothers beneath the tumultuous skies. 

Track list (Title/Artist):
Musikliste (Titel/Künstler):
"Stolin Stef" - Mugison
"Whitewashed" - Gunnar Jónsson Collider
"Ordeo Ad Chao" - Samúel Jón Samúelsson Big Band
"Gó∂an Dag" - Mugison
"Ég Brenn" - Dimma
"Kleturrin" - Mugison
"Taxi" - Nolo
"Passion" - Nolo 

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